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Conflict Management in Engineering

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Conflict Management

Recent research reflects emerging interest in managing conflicts in Engineering (e.g., project management, computer information systems, and construction management).  This special issue is designed to encourage the publication of research at the confluence of engineering and conflict management. This includes the cross-disciplinary environment of business administration and engineering. Our goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between these two important disciplines.

We encourage thoughtful analyses that spur insightful reflections about the past, present, and future directions of research on conflict management in Engineering.  We are also looking for new insights, creative solutions, and innovative ideas as well as scholarship that takes us in new directions. 

Studies may use a variety of methodological techniques including: field studies, laboratory studies, literature reviews, meta-analyses, theory development, survey research, and analyses of archival data. This could include analysis of Engineers, Engineering Managers, Computer and Information System Managers, teams of engineers, and other related sources of data. 

The following are examples of topics, but other related topics are also encouraged:

•    Project management (group conflict and project effectiveness; task, process, and relationship conflicts in projects; conflict and project value).

•    Information technology (conflict in software development teams, software to resolve conflicts, big data, virtual and Internet-based negotiation).

•    Innovation (conflict management for scientific projects, conflict and innovation culture, creativity and negotiation of intellectual property rights).

•    Construction management (resolving conflicts amongst stakeholders, inter-organizational negotiations, conflicts over resources in construction, methods of resolving conflicts).

•    Teams (resolving conflicts among teams of engineers; communication and engineering team conflicts; conflict, leading, and managing engineers).

•    Conflicts in new product development, emerging and entrepreneurial enterprises, etc.

Manuscripts should use clear exposition; be technically adequate; make a theoretical contribution (e.g., testing, creating, or extending theory); make an empirical contribution; be innovative, interesting, and novel; and/or have important implications for practice.

The International Journal of Conflict Management publishes research on conflict management including original theoretical and empirical articles, and critical or integrative literature reviews relevant to the substantive domains served by the journal, including:

•    Conflict
•    Conflict management
•    Dispute resolution
•    Fairness
•    Justice
•    Mediation and arbitration
•    Negotiation

Author guidelines can be found here:

The manuscript submission site can be found here: Papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2018

Inquires may be sent to:

Richard A. Posthuma
Mike Loya Distinguished Professor of Management
Editor, International Journal of Conflict Management
College of Business Administration, Room 230
University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas 79968
(915) 747–8646
(915) 747-5348 (FAX)