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Sustainable Business in a Digital Age

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Development Issues

Guest editors

The guest editors for a Special Issue on Sustainable Business in a Digital Age are:
1.    Dr. Usha Lenka, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

2.    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Barua, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

3.    Dr. Paresha Sinha, Waikato Business School New Zealand.

4.    Dr. Kaushik Pandya, Sheffield Business School United Kingdom.


This special issue focusses on developmental challenges of contemporary world. The developmental challenges range from poverty, inequality, unemployment, education, food insecurity, and climate change. The challenges of terrorism, land and water disputes, gender violence, diseases, hike in oil and food prices, have debilitating impact on financial health of any nation. Local government, corporates, international agencies like World Economic Forum and United Nations have realized this alarming situation and are striving to come up with sustainable solutions. A sustainable solution ensures holistic and equitable growth. Digital infrastructure has been integrated into the business models of the corporate to address these challenges by focusing on developmental issues by promoting entrepreneurship, skill development, and gender empowerment. These initiatives address demographic challenges of unemployment and poverty. Digital intervention also addresses global challenges of health, education, agriculture, nutrition, gender inequality through awareness, and empowerment. Technology has transformed consumer market through effective supply chain network, connecting people across geographical boundaries to share knowledge, insights, and earn rich dividend through optimum utilization of tacit and explicit resources.

We invite submissions on these topics:

The global developmental issues revolve around the social, economic, and environmental aspects. We invite articles that address the global developmental issues and provide solution to these challenges.

Social aspects invite suggestions on tangible methods to improve education system from the grassroot level; ensuring robust healthcare facilities irrespective of geographical and economic constraints; provide equal opportunities to women so that they can be integrated into the mainstream of the holistic development of nation.

Economic aspects: Access, security, and promotion of digital banking facilities is a prerogative of any economy. Therefore, the special issue invites articles suggesting various methods of financial inclusion.

Environmental aspects: Economic growth means higher demand for energy resources and increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment with strong repercussions. This results in rise of global temperature, climate change, discharge of harmful substances which deteriorate the quality of human sustenance. This special issue calls for eco-friendly initiatives by management and social science researchers.


Submission deadline: 31st March 2018
Papers reviewed: 31st July 2018
Revised papers reviewed and accepted: 31st October 2018
Final versions of accepted papers delivered: 30th November 2018

Guidance on submission

Please read the IJDI publication style guidelines before submitting your paper
Go here to register/or log on to submit your paper to ScholarOne
If you have any question about the special issue or your intended submission, please contact the guest editor


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