Presenters' toolkit

Suggestions for presenting the guides

Below are a few general tips to get you started:

  1. Do your homework! If you are delivering a guide at a particular university or institution, it may help to personalize the guide to that institution. Presenters could say how many authors from that university have written for Emerald; or whether any editors of Emerald journals are based at that institution; has Emerald published any special issues, Guest Edited by someone at that university? Similarly, we can provide author statistics by geographical region.

  2. If a presenter wishes to use the guide as a general call for papers for a particular journal, intersperse the presentation with some journal-specific information, such as author guidelines or journal-specific statistics, such as submission figures.

  3. If you’re feeling confident, make your presentation more interactive. Ask the audience about their experiences when highlighting specific points, e.g. who has been asked to revise a paper? How did they feel? What helped them to revise their paper? Do they have any tips to share?

  4. Find out in advance if there are any editors or regular reviewers in the audience and draw them into the discussion i.e. address questions from the floor to them sometimes and, also ask them direct questions (‘this is what we usually do, but people work in a variety of different ways, how do you handle that?’).

  5. If you want feedback, ask for it! The Emerald Literati Network can provide feedback forms if you wish to use them.

  6. Keep up the momentum. Leave your business card – ask them to contact you if they have a paper ready for submission – or if they have an idea for a paper which you may be able to help flesh out.

  7. Use the Emerald Literati Network. Practice what you preach and contact us to help you publicize your presentation. We can provide delegate packs, booklets, posters to advertise the event. Talk to us and let us know how else we can help you make your Insider's Guide a success.