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Outstanding Special Issue Awards 2008

Awards for Excellence

Outstanding Special Issue Award

We recognize the very distinct contribution made by special issues to our journals and the database by making an annual award to the Guest Editor(s) of the outstanding special issue of the year. It is a way of recognizing and rewarding the very real contribution made by the Guest Editors and of acknowledging the added value brought to the journals through their hard work and expertise. Most of these guest editors undertake the full role of the "Editor" for that particular issue and most do not receive any monetary reward.


  • collaborate with the editor on the subject of the special issue using their own specialist subject knowledge and interest
  • identify and define the subject scope of the special issue
  • use their own networks to commission papers or arrange calls for papers to attract the authors to write for the issue
  • manage the peer review process and reviewers and liaise with the authors for revisions if needed
  • collate the issue for the Editor/Managing Editor
  • write a guest editorial for the journal - these are often extensive essays which draw together the component papers and provide an overview of the topic.

What makes an outstanding special issue?

The criteria, by which we select and chose our winning special issues, are varied but we believe sensible, fair, demonstrable and can be applied in all subject fields and to all journals:

  • internationality in content and/or authorship
  • leading edge content and originality
  • broad subject interest appeal
  • a consistency in the papers either through a commonality of approach or theme or their comparative nature
  • the authors of the papers are some of the active and respected figures in the field
  • a well written guest editorial which exhibits real understanding of the value and import of the issue, and above all
  • guest editor(s) who put a lot into the work involved in the commissioning and production of the special issue

The winners for 2008

Emerald is particularly pleased and proud to announce the Outstanding Special Issue Awards for 2008.


Management Decision
Vol. 45 No. 8
Alleviating poverty through trade
Guest editors:
David Lamond (David Lamond & Associates, Carlingford, Australia)
Rocky Dwyer (Professor, CENTRUM Católica Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)

Poverty exists throughout the world, however its presence may be recognised and measured.  Comparisons are said to be odious, but it is evident that both within and among countries differences in the degree and nature of poverty can be breathtaking.

It would take a multitude of research projects to explore how poverty may be alleviated worldwide but the scope and depth of the nine articles found in this special issue provide a significant insight into how trade, involving poorer countries in particular, can assist in the alleviation of the problem.

The guest editors are fortunate in being able to draw, in large part, upon presentations made at an event organized in September 2006 by the International Trade Centre in conjunction with the German Ministry of Economic Corporation.  Their skill has been in selecting and processing, to final publication, what they see as offering “...frameworks for analysis, some lessons from history, a collection of case studies and some thoughts about how to measure progress.”

In addition to a first class editorial written by one of the guest editors, David Lamond (his co-editor being Rocky Dwyer), two Forwards contributed by Patricia R Francis, Executive Director, International Trade Centre and Eric Cornuel, Director General, European Foundation for Management Development, lend substance to the view that this special issue deserves recognition as a publication of outstanding quality.

Highly commended:

Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
Vol. 20 No. 6
Accounting as codified discourse
Guest editors:
Sue Llewellyn (Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK)
Markus Milne (College of Business and Economics, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand)

Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, now in its 20th volume has, under the joint editorship of James Guthrie and Lee Parker achieved through their sustained commitment to high quality research, worldwide recognition as one of the leading journals in its field.  It is not surprising, therefore, that in 2007 two guest editors, Sue Llewellyn and Markus J Milne have produced an outstanding special issue which will enhance the reputation of the journal.

Although the ground covered by the six articles, and contributed by authors from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand only, will appeal, at first perhaps, to individuals from within the accounting discipline, all the articles should be readable and comprehensible to those with an understanding of business.

What emerges through consideration of the role of “codified discourse” in accounting is the extent to which the discipline has an unexpected “fluidity” about it, exemplified by the response of Gallhofer, Haslam and Roper to a critique by Ferguson of articles written by those mentioned.  The other five articles featured are of a very high standard and are prefaced by an Introduction written by the guest editors which sets the scene for the special issue.

International Journal of Emerging Markets
Vol. 2, No. 2
Small to medium enterprises in emerging markets
Guest editors:
Rangamohan V. Eunni (Williamson College of Business Administration, Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA)
Candida G. Brush (Babson College, Massachusetts, USA)
Rammohan R. Kasuganti (Williamson College of Busines Administration, Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA)

The challenge of compiling a themed issue on the subject chosen is recognised by the guest editors who comment that “While these countries no doubt share a commonality in introducing market reforms and erecting business-friendly market structures in recent years, variances arising from unique historical experiences, political legacies and cultural antecedents results in a diverse mosaic of regulatory and economic milieus that have a significant impact on the operation of SMEs”.  That they have done so is a credit to them and the editor of the recently launched International Journal of Emerging Markets, to whom they pay tribute.

The guest editors had the advantage of being able to draw upon contributions made at an Academy of International Business forum held in Cleveland, Ohio, in October 2005.   The outcome was a collection of extensively revised and reviewed articles of a wide ranging international flavour.

The authors of the articles were open about the limitation of their research; often resulting from the difficulty of collecting primary data, but give helpful directions to further research.  This publication will serve as a stimulus to researchers who will be working in this evolving field.

Journal of Educational Administration
Vol. 45 No. 6
Leadership for learning in the context of social justice: an international perspective
Guest editor:
Anthony H. Normore (California State University- Dominguez Hills, California, USA)

This special issue is a formidable collection of articles written by authors of evident scholarship.

The guest editor, Anthony H Normore sets the context for this theme as “including race, cultural diversity, marginalization, equity, access, ethics/values, class, gender, spirituality, ability/disability, cultural politics, ageism and sexual orientation”.  Such are the issues to be accommodated in achieving social justice.

Nine primary articles are included, and the sum total of the topics embraced, and the findings reached, satisfy all of the requirements needed for the special issue to be described as outstanding, with the only qualification being (a not unsurprising) degree of Western bias.

The special issue benefits from an excellent editorial written by Dr Normore and, also, “Concluding reflections” by Skrla, McKenzie and Scheurich.  Indeed, reading these two contributions before the papers themselves could be an excellent approach to be adopted.

And finally

Emerald would like to thank its publishers for their selection of nominations which proved to be of exceptional quality, and made the process of selecting the winners a very difficult one.

We also thank Keith Howard, Founder and Group Board Chairman of Emerald, for judging the submissions this year, and for providing some interesting and informative reflections on the winning and highly commended special issues.