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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Author Contributions - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Book series index

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

For a General Concept of Economic and Human Security
Jacques Fontanel, B
Book volume 23

Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management

Pushing it! Austerity Urbanism and Dispersed Leadership through 'Fleet-of-Foot' Mechanisms in Times of Crisis
Lee Pugalis, Lorraine Johnston, Alan Townsend
Book volume 3

Research in Biopolitics

Biology and Political Behavior
Robert H. Blank
Book volume 12

Research in Political Economy

Epistemological Problems and Ontological Solutions: A Critical Realist Retrospective on Althusser
Brian O'Boyle, Terrence McDonough
Book volume 29

Research in Political Sociology

The "Post-Modern" Populism in Italy: The Case of the Five Star Movement
Maria Elisabetta Lanzone
Book volume 22

Populism in Latin American Politics
Carlos de la Torre
Book volume 22

Transport and Sustainability

Parking Pricing
Michael Manville
Book volume 5