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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Author Contributions - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Book series index

Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management

The Interplay between Collective Action, Individual Strategies and State Intervention in Mitigating Flood Disasters in the Uplands of North Thailand and Northwest Vietnam
Andreas Neef, Peter Elstner, Iven Schad
Book volume 14

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Debt and Peace in Post-Conflict Countries
Fabrizio Carmignani
Book volume 20 Part 2

Political Power and Social Theory

Hybrid Habitus: Toward a Post-Colonial Theory of Practice
Claire Laurier Decoteau
Book volume 24

Research in Political Economy

Did Gold Remain Relevant in the Post-1971 International Monetary System?
Jean-Guy Loranger
Book volume 28

Research in Political Sociology

Another Chapter from Democracy's Secret History: A Research Program on Some Small Spanish Towns
John Markoff, Antonio Herrera
Book volume 21

Transport and Sustainability

Contextual Requirements for Electric Vehicles in Developed and Developing Countries: The Example of China
Wolfgang Schade, Fabian Kley, Jonathan Köhler, Anja Peters
Book volume 3