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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Author Contributions - Education

Book series index

Advances in Educational Administration

Moral Conflicts of Mexican Public School Principals in Political Context: Loyalties and Consequences
Cecilia Fierro, Ruth Paradise
Book volume 19

Easing the Tension: Considerations for Aligning Charter Law with Federal Regulations for Students with Special Needs
Hoaihuong "Orletta" Nguyen
Book volume 18

Teaching for Service Learning and Community Leadership in the United Arab Emirates
Marilyn R. Davis, Aysha Abdulla Hassan Ali Hassan
Book volume 20

Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education

Exploring the Relationship Between Academic Self-Regulation and Educational Outcomes among African American Male Education Majors
Lamont A. Flowers
Book volume 1

Advances in Research on Teaching

The Demand of Multiplicity in the Classroom: Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Load
Melissa Newberry
Book volume 18

From Teacher Knowledge to Teacher Learning in Community: Transformations of Theory and Practice
Freema Elbaz-Luwisch, Lily Orland-Barak
Book volume 19

Advances in Special Education

Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities
Carrie Anna Courtad, Emily C. Bouck
Book volume 25

Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education

Promoting Engagement Through a Student-Built Digital Atlas of Maori Studies
O.Ripeka Mercier, Sarsha-Leigh Douglas, Bruce McFadgen, Meegan Hall, Peter Adds, Maria Bargh, Tahu Wilson
Book volume 6 Part F

Mediated Discourse in Higher Ed Classrooms Using Text Messaging
Binod Sundararajan, Lorn Sheehan, Sarah Gilbert
Book volume 6 Part E

Engaging Entrepreneurs with a Blended Problem-based Learning Degree Programme
Patrick Lynch, Mary T. Holden, Anthony Foley, Denis Harrington, Jennifer Hussey
Book volume 6 Part G

International Perspectives on Education and Society

The Impact of Public Sector Entrepreneurship In International Education on Skilled Migration
Radu Daniel Prelipcean, Mir Nazmul Islam, Andrea Peebles, Thomas Barakat, Jianming Yao
Book volume 23

Rethinking Agency in University Development: The Case of the Association of African Universities
Ane Turner Johnson
Book volume 21

Private Sector Engagement in Education Worldwide: Conceptual and Critical Challenges
Francine Menashy
Book volume 20

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

Embracing Complexity: Integrating Reading, Writing, and Learning in Intervention Settings
Katherine K. Frankel, Elizabeth L. Jaeger, P.David Pearson
Book volume 3

Providing a "Pocket Tutor": Enhancing Metacognition through Podcasted Comprehension Prompts
Erica Bowers, Ula Manzo, Ann Tarantine, Melissa Base
Book volume 2