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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Author Contributions - Operations, Logistics & Quality

Book series index

Advanced Series in Management

Lobbying of Commercial Diplomats: Institutional Setting as a Determining Factor
Elena Bondarouk, Huub Ruël
Book volume 9

Applications of Management Science

Optimal Management of Reverse Supply Chains with Sensor-Embedded End-of-Life Products
Onder Ondemir, Surendra M. Gupta
Book volume 15

Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

When West Meets East: Methods of Assessing Group Variation in Comparative Emerging Markets Research
Alexander Settles, Valentina Kuskova
Book volume 7

Toward Research-Practice Balancing in Management: The Yin-Yang Method for Open-Ended and Open-Minded Research
Peter Ping Li
Book volume 8