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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Author Contributions - HR, Learning & Organization Studies

Book series index

Advances in Global Leadership

The Context of Expert Global Leadership
Joyce S. Osland, Allan Bird, Gary Oddou
Book volume 7

Advances in Group Processes

Critique and Refinement of the Neurosociology of Mirror Neurons
David D. Franks, Jeff Davis
Book volume 29

Advances in Industrial & Labor Relations

Exploring Entrepreneurship as Misbehavior
Erik Lundmark, Alf Westelius
Book volume 19

Power in the Skies: Pilot Commitment and Trade Union Power in the Civil Aviation Industry
Geraint Harvey, Peter Turnbull
Book volume 20

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

Patrick Primeaux: Teacher, Scholar, Trailblazer
Mark C. Mitschow
Book volume 8

Research in Organizational Change and Development

Without Effort there can be no Change: Reexamining the Impact of Survey Feedback and Action Planning on Employee Attitudes
Allan H. Church, Leslie M. Golay, Christopher T. Rotolo, Michael D. Tuller, Amanda C. Shull, Erica I. Desrosiers
Book volume 20

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Laboring for the Man: Augmenting Authority in a Voluntary Association
Katherine K. Chen
Book volume 34