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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Author Contributions - Education

Book series index

Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research, Policy and Praxis

'The Poor Ye have with you Always': Poverty and Marginality in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kingsley Banya
Book volume 8

Advances in Educational Administration

The Relationship between Organizational Justice, Organizational Trust and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Secondary Schools in Turkey
Kursad Yilmaz, Yahya Altinkurt
Book volume 13

Toward a Framework for an Inclusive Model of Social Justice Leadership Preparation: Equity-Oriented Leadership for Students with Disabilities
Barbara L. Pazey, Heather A. Cole, Shernaz B. Garcia
Book volume 14

A Conceptual Framework for Classifying and Understanding Relationship Marketing Within Schools
Hsiao-Pei (Sophie) Yang, Julie Robson
Book volume 15

Game Changers for Transforming Learning Environments
David Gibson
Book volume 16

The Integration of Practical, Cognitive, and Moral Apprenticeships for Leadership Learning: The Evolution and Initial Impact of Full-Time Internships
Susan Korach, Maureen Sanders
Book volume 17

Advances in Motivation and Achievement

To go or not to go: The Decision to Pursue Higher Education Abroad
Fani Lauermann
Book volume 17

Advances in Research on Teaching

Attending to the Temporal Dimension of Narrative Inquiry into Teacher Educator Identities
M. Shaun Murphy, Vicki Ross, Janice Huber
Book volume 16

Exploring Chronotopic Shifts between known and unknown in our Teacher Educator Identity Narratives
Mary Rice, Cathy Coulter
Book volume 16

Becoming "Real" Aboriginal Teachers: Counterstories as Shaping New Curriculum Making Possibilities
Mary Isabelle Young, Lucy Joe, Jennifer Lamoureux, Laura Marshall, Sister Dorothy Moore, Jerri-Lynn Orr, Brenda Mary Parisian, Khea Paul, Florence Paynter, Janice Huber
Book volume 17

Advances in Special Education

Families and Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Fredrick J. Brigham, Jeffrey P. Bakken, Anthony F. Rotatori
Book volume 23

Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education

Using the Wiki as an Experiential Learning Tool to Engage Students in Undergraduate and Graduate University Courses
Michael J.D. Sutton, Afsaneh Hazeri
Book volume 0

International Perspectives on Education and Society

Framing the World Bank Education Strategy 2020 to the Indian Context: Alignments, Challenges, and Opportunities
Supriya Baily
Book volume 16

The Evolving Community College Model in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Cindy Epperson
Book volume 17

Acting Stubborn: Understanding "Vulnerability" and Secondary School Participation in Lesotho
Anne Smiley
Book volume 18

Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation

The Assessment to Instructional Planning (ATIP) Framework: A Multidimensional, Contextualized Approach to Using Assessment to Plan Instruction
Laurie Elish-Piper, Susan Hinrichs, Samantha Morley, Molly Williams
Book volume 1