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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Author Contributions - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Book series index

Advances in Ecopolitics

Euro's crisis: From the sovereigns to the banks and back to the sovereigns
Constantin Gurdgiev
Book volume 8

Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management

Innovative Approaches in Disaster Education
Koichi Shiwaku and Glenn Fernandez
Book volume 7

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Continuing Conflict and International Prices of Commodities: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Raul Caruso
Book volume 17

Political Power and Social Theory

The More Things Change: A Gramscian Genealogy of Barack Obama's "Post-Racial" Politics, 1932–2008
Cedric de Leon
Book volume 22

Research in Biopolitics

Measuring Social and Political Phenotypes
Levente Littvay
Book volume 9

Research in Political Economy

The Value and Price of Information Commodities: An Assessment of the South Korean Controversy
Heesang Jeon
Book volume 27

Research in Political Sociology

School Health: A Way to the Future?
Eunice Rodriguez, Diana Austria and Melinda Landau
Book volume 19

Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management

Curbing Corruption: An Impossible Dream?
Jon S. T. Quah
Book volume 20

Research in Social Problems and Public Policy

Privacy and secrecy: Public reserve and the handling of the BP Gulf oil disaster
Michael R. Edelstein
Book volume 19