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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Author Contributions - Sociology

Book series index

Advances in Gender Research

Gender and Labor within the Turkish Context of Local Development in the Era of Globalization
Dilek Hattatoglu
Book volume 15

Advances in Medical Sociology

"We haven't Sliced Open anyone's Brain yet": Neuroscience, Embodiment and the Governance of Addiction
Julie Netherland
Book volume 13

Comparative Social Research

Nordic Political Economy After Financial Deregulation: Banking Crises, Economic Experts, and the Role of Neoliberalism
Lars Mjøset
Book volume 28

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

Continuing Conflict and International Prices of Commodities: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Raul Caruso
Book volume 17

Current Perspectives in Social Theory

The Epistemological Fate of the Authoritarian Character Studies of the Frankfurt School. A Legacy for the Study of Racism, Antisemitism, and Fascism?
Helgard Kramer
Book volume 29

Political Power and Social Theory

The More Things Change: A Gramscian Genealogy of Barack Obama's "Post-Racial" Politics, 1932–2008
Cedric de Leon
Book volume 22

Research in Economic Anthropology

Prosperity Unbound? Debating the "Sacrificial Economy"
Simon Coleman
Book volume 31

Research in Political Sociology

School Health: A Way to the Future?
Eunice Rodriguez, Diana Austria and Melinda Landau
Book volume 19

Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change

Learning from failures: why and how "scale shift" failed to launch – evidence from the case of the Israeli-Arab land day
Eitan Y. Alimi and Liora Norwich
Book volume 31

Research in Social Problems and Public Policy

Privacy and secrecy: Public reserve and the handling of the BP Gulf oil disaster
Michael R. Edelstein
Book volume 19

Research in the Sociology of Health Care

American Health Care: Public Opinion Differences in the Confidence, Affordability, and Need for Reform
Rebecca L. Utz, Richard Nelson, Peter Dien
Book volume 29

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

The Power of "Limited Liability" - Transnational Communities and Cross-Border Governance
Marie-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack
Book volume 33

Research in the Sociology of Work

Reexamining the Relationship Between Flexibility and Insecurity
Andrew S. Fullerton, Dwanna L. Robertson and Jeffrey C. Dixon
Book volume 22

Sociological Studies of Children and Youth

Focused: How Students Construct Attentiveness in First-Grade Classrooms
Noriko Milman
Book volume 14

Studies in Symbolic Interaction

Parenting a Youthful Offender
Jane C. Hood
Book volume 37