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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Author Contributions - HR, Learning & Organization Studies

Book series index

Advances in Global Leadership

Conceptualizing and measuring global mindset
Mansour Javidan and Mary B. Teagarden
Book volume 6

Advances in Industrial & Labor Relations

Dual Alignment of Industrial Relations Activity: From Strategic Choice to Mutual Gains
Ariel Avgar and Sarosh Kuruvilla
Book volume 8

Research in Organizational Change and Development

Developing an Effective Organization: Intervention Method, Empirical Evidence, and Theory
Michael Beer
Book volume 19

Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

Mindfulness at Work
Theresa M. Glomb, Michelle K. Duffy, Joyce E. Bono, Tao Yang
Book volume 30

Research in the Sociology of Organizations

The Power of "Limited Liability" - Transnational Communities and Cross-Border Governance
Marie-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack
Book volume 33

Research on Managing Groups and Teams

The Impact of Implicit Negotiation Beliefs on Motivation and Cognition in Group Negotiation
Michael P. Haselhuhn and Laura J. Kray
Book volume 14