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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Author Contributions - Public Policy & Environmental Management

Book series index

Advances in Ecopolitics

Ecotourism and sustainability in the tourism sector
James Hanrahan
Book volume 5

Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management

Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Enabling environment for integration
Tran Phong and Bui Duc Tinh
Book volume 4

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development

A method to compute a peace gross world product by country and by economic sector
Jurgen Brauer and John Tepper Marlin
Book volume 14

Political Power and Social Theory

The sociospatial reconfiguration of middle classes and their impact on politics and development in the global south: preliminary ideas for future research
Diane E. Davis
Book volume 21

Research in Political Economy

Is the national question an aporia for humanity? How to read Rosa Luxemburg's
Narihiko Ito
Book volume 26

Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management

Public Administration Singapore Style
Jon Quah
Book volume 19