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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy


Volume 11 number 1
Open data ecosystems: an international comparison
Evgeny Styrin, Luis Felipe Luna-Reyes, Teresa M. Harrison

Highly commended

Volume 11 number 1
Transparency and open government data
Andreiwid Sh. Corrêa, Evandro Couto de Paula, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Corrêa, Flávio Soares Corrêa da Silva

Volume 11 number 1
Transparency-by-design as a foundation for open government
Marijn Janssen, Ricardo Matheus, Justin Longo, Vishanth Weerakkody

Volume 11 number 2
Determinants of citizens’ mobile apps future use in Chinese local governments
Christopher G. Reddick, Yueping Zheng