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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Pacific Accounting Review


Volume 29 number 4
Tax evasion and welfare fraud: do punishments fit the crime or the perception of the crime?
Lisa Marriott, Dalice Sim

Highly commended

Volume 29 number 3
CEO’s political connections, institutions and audit opinions
Fang Hu, Jenny Stewart, Weiqiang Tan

Volume 29 number 2
Does corporate governance shape the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance?
Rezaul Kabir, Hanh Minh Thai

Volume 29 number 1
The market for sustainability assurance services
Muhammad Bilal Farooq, Charl de Villiers

Volume 29 number 1
A gap in management accounting education: fact or fiction
Vida Lucia Botes, Umesh Sharma

Outstanding reviewers

Paul Shantapriyan
Truc Do Thuc