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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

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Journal of Service Management


Volume 28 number 5
Showcasing the diversity of service research
Sabine Benoit, Katrin Scherschel, Zelal Ates, Linda Nasr, Jay Kandampully

Highly commended

Volume 28 number 2
Does one size fit all? New service development across different types of services
Elina Jaakkola, Thomas Meiren, Lars Witell, Bo Edvardsson, Adrienne Schäfer, Javier Reynoso, Roberta Sebastiani, Doris Weitlaner

Volume 28 number 3
Internet of Things: understanding trust in techno-service systems
Tracy Harwood, Tony Garry

Volume 28 number 5
Accelerating employee-related scholarship in service management
Mahesh Subramony, Karen Ehrhart, Markus Groth, Brooks C. Holtom, Danielle D. van Jaarsveld, Dana Yagil, Tiffany Darabi, David Walker, David E. Bowen,

Volume 28 number 2
Exploring the impact of rewarded social media engagement in loyalty programs
Lena-Marie Rehnen, Silke Bartsch, Marina Kull, Anton Meyer

Outstanding reviewers

Katrien Verleye
Andreas MUNZEL