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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Modelling in Management


Volume 12 issue 2
Changes in customer preference heterogeneity patterns: a simulation study
Devanathan Sudharshan, Andreas Mild

Highly commended

Volume 12 issue 3
A memetic algorithm for maximizing earned attention in social media
Pedro Godinho, Luiz Moutinho, Margherita Pagani

Volume 12 issue 3
A new bayesian spatial model for brand positioning
Joonwook Park, Priyali Rajagopal, William Dillon, Seoil Chaiy, Wayne DeSarbo

Volume 12 issue 1
Energy consumption flow and regional economic development: evidence from 25 economies
Bao-jun Tang, Pi-qin Gong, Yu-chong Xiao, Huai-yu Wang

Outstanding reviewers

Yongjun Li
Enrique Bigne