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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

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International Journal of Lean Six Sigma


Volume 8 issue 2
Application of Lean approach for reducing weld defects in a valve component: a case study
Karthik Bharathi S., S. Vinodh, Sriharsha Devarapu, Goutham Siddhamshetty

Highly commended

Volume 8 issue 2
Determinants of job satisfaction in a lean environment
Denise Rodríguez, Hendrik Van Landeghem, Virginia Lasio, Dirk Buyens

Volume 8 issue 1
Lean Six Sigma and environmental sustainability: the case of a Norwegian dairy producer
Daryl Powell, Sissel Lundeby, Lukas Chabada, Heidi Dreyer

Volume 8 issue 4
Six Sigma and organisational ambidexterity: a systematic review and conceptual framework
Cristina Alcaide-Muñoz, Leopoldo J. Gutierrez-Gutierrez

Outstanding reviewers

Larry Smith
Evangelos Psomas
E V Gijo
Bryan Rodgers
Vijaya Sunder
Alireza Shokri