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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance


Volume 9 issue 2
An economic theory of Islamic finance
Mabid Ali Al-Jarhi

Highly commended

Volume 9 issue 1
Application of waqf for social and development finance
Salman Ahmed Shaikh, Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Muhammad Hakimi Mohd Shafiai

Volume 9 issue 1
Causes and solutions for the stagnation of Islamic banking in Turkey
Halit Yanīkkaya, Yaşar Uğur Pabuçcu

Volume 9 issue 1
ISRA-Bloomberg Sharīʿah stock screening and income cleansing methodologies: a conceptual paper
Ashraf Md. Hashim, Farrukh Habib, Ziyaat Isaacs, Mohamed Anouar Gadhoum

Outstanding reviewers

Faizal Ahmad Manjoo
Nurbek Ahmad