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Awards for Excellence - 2018

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

European Journal of Training and Development


Volume 41 issue 5
Intervention research and its influence on nonintervention research in human resource development
Sunyoung Park, Chungil Chae

Highly commended

Volume 41 issue 6
How do South Korean female executives’ definitions of career success differ from those of male executives?
Yonjoo Cho, Jiwon Park, Soo Jeoung “Crystal” Han, Boreum Ju, Jieun You, Ahreum Ju, Chan Kyun Park, Hye Young Park

Volume 41 issue 7
The moderating role of non-controlling supervision and organizational learning culture on employee creativity
Shinhee Jeong, Gary N. McLean, Laird D. McLean, Sangok Yoo, Kenneth Bartlett

Volume 41 issue 7
Adult learning theories: implications for online instruction
Vishal Arghode, Earl W. Brieger, Gary N. McLean

Outstanding reviewers

Valerie Anderson
Dmitry Kucherov