Awards for Excellence - 2016

Outstanding Papers

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Journal of Modelling in Management


Volume 10 number 3
The impact of differentiation price and demand leakage on a firm's profitability
Syed Asif Raza

Highly commended

Volume 10 number 1
Identification and prioritization of corporate sustainability practices using analytical hierarchy process
Praveen Goyal, Zillur Rahman, Absar Ahmad Kazmi

Volume 10 number 3
A literature review on lot size with quantity discounts: 1995-2013
Valdecy Pereira, Helder Gomes Costa

Volume 10 number 1
Facing the open innovation gap: measuring and building open innovation in supply chains
Rania Abd Elmonem Shamah, Shaymaa M. Elssawabi

Outstanding reviewers

Emine Sarigollu
Xunpeng Shi