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Awards for Excellence - 2015

Outstanding Papers

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Library Management

The Alexander Wilson Award
Named after Alexander Wilson, Director-General of the British Library Reference Division from 1980 until his retirement in 1986. Before that he was Director of Cheshire Libraries and Museums, and Director of Libraries and Cultural Services in Dudley and Coventry.


Volume 35 number 8+9
Mapping the future: (yin yang) career development collaboration
Mary Davies, JoAnne Sparks, Grace Saw

Highly commended

Volume 35 number 3
Keeping ahead of the curve
Maura Corcoran, Claire McGuinness

Volume 35 number 3
Social technologies in public libraries: exploring best practice
Kathleen Smeaton, Kate Davis

Volume 35 number 4+5
ETD: total cost of ownership
Yan Han

Outstanding reviewers

Petros Kostagiolas
Jane Klobas