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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Pigment & Resin Technology


Volume 42 number 4
Review of chemo-responsive shape change/memory polymers
H.B. Lu, W.M. Huang, Y.T. Yao

Highly commended

Volume 42 number 3
Photo-crosslinkable NIR-absorbing window with environmental stability
Hyunmin Hwang, Moon Sung Kang, Jong Hun Han, Kwonwoo Shin, Jeong Ho Cho

Volume 42 number 3
Effect of annealing on photochromic performance of (E)-dicyclopropylmethylene-(2, 5-dimethyl-3-furylethylidene)-succinicanhydride doped in polyacrylic acid thin film
Abdullah M. Asiri, Khalid A. Alamry, Mahmoud A. Hussein

Volume 42 number 6
Synthesis, characterisation and optical band gap of Cr1.3Fe0.7O3 nanopigments
Morteza Enhessari