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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Technology Management in China


Volume 8 number 1
Accessing external knowledge by Chinese firms: a conceptual framework
Osama Al-Kwifi, Zafar U. Ahmed

Highly commended

Volume 8 number 2
Technology strategy and sustainability of business: Empirical experiences from Chinese cases
Richard Li-Hua, Lucy Lu

Volume 8 number 2
Leader effectiveness in emerging markets: an empirical study of the managers in India
Ajay K. Jain, Shalini Srivastava, Sherry E. Sullivan

Volume 8 number 3
Negotiating with modern Chinese professionals: A review of cultural considerations and cyberspace communication
Bahaudin G. Mujtaba

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Sarah Carraher
Dr Sherry E Sullivan