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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Strategy and Management


Volume 6 issue 4
Rethinking strategic leadership: stars, clans, teams and networks
Mark Kriger, Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

Highly commended

Volume 6 issue 1
The Pandora's box of social integration mechanisms: Can they make it more difficult to realize absorptive capacity?
Craig E. Armstrong, Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall

Volume 6 issue 1
Revisiting the concept of competitive advantage: Problems and fallacies arising from its conceptualization
Christos Sigalas, Victoria Pekka Economou

Volume 6 issue 4
Founder-CEO status and firm performance: an exploratory study of alternative perspectives
Michael Abebe, David Anthony Alvarado