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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Services Marketing


Volume 27 number 3
Developing an integrated vision of customer value
Silvia Martelo Landroguez, Carmen Barroso Castro, Gabriel Cepeda-Carri

Highly commended

Volume 27 number 1
Adopting self-service technology to do more with less
Toni Hilton, Tim Hughes, Ed Little, Ebi Marandi

Volume 27 number 1
Modelling trust in service relationships: a transnational perspective
Harjit Sekhon, Sanjit Roy, Gurvinder Shergill, Adrian Pritchard

Volume 27 number 6
The case of towards a conceptual framework of online customer service experience (OCSE) using the emerging consensus technique (ECT)
Philipp Klaus

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Jeremy J Sierra
Dr John Hansen