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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

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Journal of Public Mental Health


Volume 12 issue 4
The Global Model of Public Mental Health through the WHO QualityRights project
Jean-Francois Pelletier, Denise Fortin, Marc Laporta, Marie-Pascale Pomey, Jean-Luc Roelandt, Pauline Gu

Highly commended

Volume 12 issue 1
Potential pathways from biopsychosocial risk factors to sleep loss due to worry: a population-based investigation
Alex Dregan, Tea Lallukka, David Armstrong

Volume 12 issue 1
Reducing antipsychotic prescriptions in primary care: a healthcare perspective
Angelique Mavrodaris, Ian Philp

Volume 12 issue 2
Setting up a youth violence prevention project in a London hospital emergency department
Yael llan-Clarke, Amanda Bunn, Jeffrey DeMarco, Antonia Bifulco, John Criddle, Gillian Holdsworth