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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management


Volume 41 number 3
Trust in customer-salesperson relationship in China's retail sector
Sherriff Twing-Kwong, Luk Gerald Albaum, Lorna Fullgrabe

Highly commended

Volume 41 number 2
How do franchisor policies and industry attractiveness impact franchise timing?: Evidence from entrepreneur's top 500 franchisors
Seng-Su Tsang, Carol A. Finnegan

Volume 41 number 6
Utilising product knowledge: Competitive advantage for specialist independent grocery retailers
Donna McGuinness, Karise Hutchinson

Volume 41 number 8
Retail logistics service quality: a cross-cultural survey on customer perceptions
Rym Bouzaabia, Olfa Bouzaabia, Alexandru Capatina

Outstanding reviewers

Karinna Nobbs
Professor Hamida Skandrani