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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 23 number 1
Solution of a low Prandtl number natural convection benchmark by a local meshless method
Gregor Kosec, Bo

Highly commended

Volume 23 number 1
Loss of monotonicity and anomalous scaling behavior in the passive scalar gradient: A DNS study on causes of intermittency
Ivan Langella, Carlo Scalo, Giuseppe De Felice, Carlo Meola

Volume 23 number 6
Predictions of round impinging jet heat transfer with two k-? hybrid RANS/LES models
Slawomir Kubacki, Jacek Rokicki, Erik Dick

Volume 23 number 8
Effects of viscous dissipation and Newtonian heating on boundary-layer flow of nanofluids over a flat plate
Oluwole Daniel Makinde

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Andrew J Nowak
Professor Nicola Massarotti