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Awards for Excellence - 2014

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

China Agricultural Economic Review


Volume 5 number 4
Domestic solid waste discharge and its determinants in rural China
Kaixing Huang, Jinxia Wang, Junfei Bai, Huanguang Qiu

Highly commended

Volume 5 number 1
Migration, remittances, and agricultural productivity in small farming systems in Northwest China
Lihua Li, Chenggang Wang, Eduardo Segarra, Zhibiao Nan

Volume 5 number 4
The impacts of climate change on the People's Republic of China's grain output: Regional and crop perspective
Xian Xin, Tun Lin, Xiaoyun Liu, Guanghua Wan, Yongsheng Zhang

Volume 5 number 3
An analysis on China's agricultural bilateral trade costs? 1995-2007
Simei Wen, Jing Zheng, Xiaoli Liu

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Rong Kong
Dr Ziping Wu