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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Sensor Review

Jack Hollingum Award
Named after Jack Hollingum, who was one of the founding editors of Sensor Review as well as of our sister journals Assembly Automation and Industrial Robot. Over the years he wrote countless articles and remained a regular contributor right up to having a stroke in April 2001.


Volume 2 number 32
Nanostructured material sensor processing using microfabrication techniques
Gary Hunter, Randy Vander Wal, Laura Evans, Jennifer Xu, Gordon Berger, Michael Kullis, Azlin Biaggi-Labiosa

Highly commended

Volume 3 number 32
Fiber optic displacement sensor for micro-thickness measurement
H. Ahmad, M. Yasin, K. Thambiratnam, S.W. Harun

Volume 4 number 32
Design and fabrication of a thin and soft tactile force sensor array based on conductive rubber
Xuefeng Zhang, Yulong Zhao, Xuelei Zhang

Volume 4 number 32
A pressure mapping imaging device based on electrical impedance tomography of conductive fabrics
A. Yao, M. Soleimani