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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Islamic Marketing


Volume 3 issue 3
Muslim attitude and awareness towards Istihalah
Aadam T. Aris, Norhaznee M. Nor, Noor A. Febrianto, K.V. Harivaindaran, Tajul A. Yang

Highly commended

Volume 2 issue 3
The BlackBerry veil: mobile use and privacy practices by young female Saudis
Sunila Lobo, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

Volume 3 issue 3
Materialism in young consumers: An investigation of family communication patterns and parental mediation practices in Egypt
Hagar Adib, Noha El-Bassiouny

Volume 3 issue 3
Principles in halal supply chain management
Marco Tieman, Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst, Maznah Che Ghazali