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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

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International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management


Volume 3 issue 4
Human competences that facilitate adaptation to climate change: a research in progress
Jackie Kerry, Diane Pruneau, Sylvie Blain, Joanne Langis, Pierre-Yves Barbier, Marie-Andrée Mallet, Evgueni Vichnevetski, Jimmy Therrien, Paul Deguire

Highly commended

Volume 1 issue 4
Competing definition of climate change and the post-Kyoto negotiations
Chloé Anne Vlassopoulos

Volume 1 issue 4
Conceptual elements of climate change vulnerability assessments: a review
Marta Bruno Soares, Alexandre S. Gagnon, Ruth M. Doherty

Volume 2 issue 4
Climate variability and farmer's vulnerability in a flood-prone district of Assam
Swati Chaliha, Asmita Sengupta, Nitasha Sharma, N.H. Ravindranath