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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

European Journal of Marketing


Volume 10 number 46
Pursuing "flexible commitment" as strategic ambidexterity: An empirical justification in high technology firms
Yiannis Kouropalatis, Paul Hughes, Robert E. Morgan

Highly commended

Volume 10 number 46
Strategic flexibilities and export performance: The moderating roles of export market-oriented behavior and the export environment
John W. Cadogan, Sanna Sundqvist, Kaisu Puumalainen, Risto T. Salminen

Volume 3 number 46
Do initial stock price reactions provide a good measurement stick for marketing strategies?: The case of new product introductions in the US
Dmitri G. Markovitch, Joel H. Steckel

Volume 11 number 46
Does rhetoric impact advertising effectiveness with liking controlled?
Bruce A. Huhmann, Pia A. Albinsson