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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

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Circuit World


Volume 4 issue 38
SCB and SMI: two stretchable circuit technologies, based on standard printed circuit board processes
Jan Vanfleteren, Thomas Loeher, Mario Gonzalez, Frederick Bossuyt, Thomas Vervust, Ingrid De Wolf, Michal Jablonski

Highly commended

Volume 4 issue 38
The influence of test method, conductor profile and substrate anisotropy on the permittivity values required for accurate modeling of high frequency planar circuits
Allen F. Horn III, Patricia A. LaFrance, John W. Reynolds, John Coonrod

Volume 3 issue 38
Filling through holes and blind microvias with copper using reverse pulse plating and insoluble anodes
Bernd Roelfs, Nina Dambrowsky, Christof Erben, Stephen Kenny

Volume 2 issue 38
Obtaining the moisture content of printed circuit boards from capacitance measurements
Owen Thomas, Martin Wickham, Chris Hunt