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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

China Agricultural Economic Review


Volume 3 number 4
Rural people's perception of income adequacy in China
Bjorn Gustafsson, Ximing Yue

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 4
Pesticide use and farmers' health in China's rice production
Fangbin Qiao, Jikun Huang, Linxiu Zhang, Scott Rozelle

Volume 3 number 4
Why do farmers quit from grain production in China? Causes and implications
Jin-Tao Zhan, Yan-Rui Wu, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Zhang-Yue Zhou

Volume 1 number 4
Adverse selection in China's New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme
Lijian Qin, Suwen Pan, Chenggang Wang, Zhongyi Jiang