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Awards for Excellence - 2013

Outstanding Papers

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Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials


Volume 2 issue 59
Research into the characteristics of furnace tube oxide film in CPT, CT, AVT(R) and AVT(O) water chemistry conditions
Zhiping Zhu, Hui Zhang, Linlin Jing, Shuhua Xiong, Zhenghui Tan

Highly commended

Volume 3 issue 59
Modeling cathodic prevention for unconventional concrete in salt-laden environment
Yajun Liu, Xianming Shi

Volume 6 issue 59
The stress corrosion cracking behavior of X120 pipeline steel in a simulated acidic soil solution
Jing Liu, JiHao Cheng, Qian Hu, Feng Huang, JinQiao Xu, Bin Guo

Volume 1 issue 60
Research on the film-forming characteristics of octadecylamine at high temperatures
Shun'an Cao, Jiayuan Hu, Jianli Xie, Qinqin Liang, Li Yin