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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology


Volume 23 number 1
Thermal fatigue endurance of Sn3Ag0.5Cu0.5In0.05Ni and Sn2.5Ag0.8Cu0.5Sb solders in composite solder joints of LTCC/PWB assemblies
O. Nousiainen, T. Kangasvieri, R. Rautioaho and J. Vahakangas

Highly commended

Volume 23 number 3
Silver nanoparticles effect on the wettability of Sn-Ag-Cu solder pastes and solder joints microstructure on copper
K. Bukat, M. Koscielski, J. Sitek, M. Jakubowska and A. Mlozniak

Volume 23 number 4
Process characterization and reliability for the assembly of 01005 chip components
Yong-Won Lee, Keun-Soo Kim and Katsuaki Suganuma

Volume 29 number 2
Stability investigations of automatic X-ray inspection systems
Istvan Latos and Mihaly Janoczki

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Davide di Maio
Professor Yulai Gao