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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal


Volume 2 issue 2
Public policies for scaling corporate responsibility standards: Expanding collaborative governance for sustainable development
Jem Bendell, Anthony Miller and Katharina Wortmann

Highly commended

Volume 2 issue 1
Science and technology development and the depoliticization of the public space: The case of socially and culturally sustainable biotechnology in New Zealand
Linda R. Macdonald, Richard J. Varey and James R. Barker

Volume 2 issue 2
Role of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in seafood eco-labelling policy in Japan
Darek Gondor and Hideka Morimoto

Volume 2 issue 2
Sustainable business model for biofuel industries in Indonesia
Joni Jupesta, Yuko Harayama and Govindan Parayil

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Helen Tregidga