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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development


Volume 1 number 1
Why development needs culture
Francesco Bandarin, Jyoti Hosagrahar and Frances Sailer Albernaz

Highly commended

Volume 1 number 1
The concept of outstanding universal value and its application: "From the seven wonders of the ancient world to the 1,000 world heritage places today"
Bernd von Droste

Volume 1 number 2
Indigenous culture: both malleable and valuable
Lara L. Hill

Volume 1 number 2
Measuring urban heritage conservation: theory and structure (part 1)
Silvio Mendes Zancheti and Lucia Tone Ferreira Hidaka

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Zeynep G??nay
Jeremy Wells