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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics


Volume 4 number 4
Spatially distributed cellular neural networks
Varsha Bhambhani, Luis Valbuena-Reyes and Herbert Tanner

Highly commended

Volume 4 number 3
New unbiased H infinity functional filters designs for discrete-time linear systems: Time and frequency domains approaches
Montassar Ezzine, Mohamed Darouach, Harouna Souley Ali and Hassani Messaoud

Volume 4 number 1
Auto-tuning PID controller design using a sliding-mode approach for DC servomotors
Chun-Fei Hsu, Chien-Jung Chiu and Jang-Zern Tsai

Volume 4 number 3
Robust control of quadrotor MAV using self-organizing interval type-II fuzzy neural networks (SOIT-IIFNNs) controller
Xiangjian Chen, Di Li, Zhijun Xu and Yue Bai

Outstanding reviewer

Dr Delin Luo