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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow


Volume 21 number 4
Numerical simulation of natural convection and phase-change in a horizontal Bridgman apparatus
Diego Celentano, Marcela Cruchaga, Jorge Romero and Mohammed El Ganaoui

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 4
Effect of chemical reaction on heat and mass transfer by mixed convection flow about a sphere in a saturated porous media
A.M. Rashad, A.J. Chamkha and S.M.M. El-Kabeir

Volume 21 number 7
Boundary layer flow over a moving surface in a nanofluid beneath a uniform free stream
Azizah Mohd Rohni, Syakila Ahmad and Ioan Pop

Volume 21 number 2
Integral transforms solution for flow development in wavy wall ducts
Roseane L. Silva, Jo??o N.N. Quaresma, Carlos A.C. Santos and Renato M. Cotta

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Ioan Pop
Professor Ali Chamka