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Awards for Excellence - 2012

Outstanding Papers

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Assembly Automation

Gunter Wittenberg Award
Gunter Wittenberg (d. 1995), a dedicated engineer, who made his knowledge of assembly automation available in simple, clear and concise papers. He received the Nuffield Silver Medal for services to the Institute of Production Engineers. He worked for Amnesty International and charities, using his engineering skills in harnessing technical advances to help the disabled.


Volume 31 number 1
Simple rules to modify pre-planned paths and improve gross robot motions associated with pick & place assembly tasks
David Sanders, Giles Tewkesbury and Jasper Graham-Jones

Highly commended

Volume 31 number 2
An off-line programming system for flexible drilling of aircraft wing structures
Cheng Zou and Jihong Liu

Volume 31 number 3
Dynamic analysis of vibratory insertion process
Sigitas Kilikevicius and Bronius Baksys

Volume 31 number 4
A reactive reconfigurable tool for aerospace structures
Colm McKeown and Phil Webb

Outstanding reviewers

Dr Sheng-Jen "Tony" Hsieh
Dr Nirosh Jayaweera