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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Society and Business Review


Volume 5 number 1
Staff induction practices and organizational socialization: A review and extension of the debate
Elena P. Antonacopoulou and Wolfgang H. Güttel

Highly commended

Volume 5 number 1
Induction as an institutionalized and institutionalizing practice: Insights from retail banking and management consulting in France
Jérôme Méric and Rémi Jardat

Volume 5 number 2
Dynamic capability and staff induction practices in small firms
Deborah E.M. Mulders, Peter A.J. Berends and A. Georges L. Romme

Volume 5 number 3
Balancing values and economic efficiency in the public sector! What can public welfare service institutions learn from private service firms?
John Storm Pedersen and Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Outstanding reviewers

Anne Marchais Roubelat
Professor Salma Damak