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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Management Research Review


Volume 33 number 6
The development and implementation of shared leadership in multi-generational family firms
John James Cater III and Robert T. Justis

Highly commended

Volume 33 number 4
A framework of theoretical lenses and strategic purposes to describe relationships among firm environmental strategy, financial performance, and environmental performance
Bruce Clemens and Lynn Bakstran

Volume 33 number 4
Decision making for transportation systems as a support for sustainable stewardship: Freight transport process evaluation using the ETIENNE-Tool
Edeltraud Guenther and Vera Greschner Farkavcová

Volume 33 number 1
Corporate entrepreneurship of IJVs in China
Theresa Lau, K.F. Chan, Susan H.C. Tai and David K.C. Ng