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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Journal of Management History


Volume 16 issue 2
Using historic mutinies to understand defiance in modern organizations
Ray W. Coye, Patrick J. Murphy and Patricia E. Spencer

Highly commended

Volume 16 issue 2
The value of original source readings in management education: The case of Frederick Winslow Taylor
Aditya Simha and David J. Lemak

Volume 16 issue 2
The social shaping of the early business schools in The Netherlands: Professions and the power of abstraction
Peter van Baalen and Luchien Karsten

Volume 16 issue 3
Re-considering managerial use of child labor: Lessons from the experience of nineteenth century Australia
Bradley Bowden and Peta Stevenson-Clarke

Outstanding reviewer

Professor Shawn M Carraher