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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

International Journal of Logistics Management


Volume 21 number 1
Measuring the importance of attributes in logistics research
Michael S. Garver, Zachary Williams and Stephen A. LeMay

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 1
Inter-organisational costing approaches: the inhibiting factors
Marko Bastl, Tonci Grubic, Simon Templar, Alan Harrison and Ip-Shing Fan

Volume 21 number 3
Agency theory and quality fade in buyer-supplier relationships
Judith M. Whipple and Joseph Roh

Volume 21 number 1
Developing a scale for proactive improvement within logistics outsourcing relationships
Carl Marcus Wallenburg, A. Michael Knemeyer, Thomas J. Goldsby and David L. Cahill

Outstanding reviewers

Professor Booi Kam
Professor Zachary Williams