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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Health Education


Volume 110 number 1
Workplace health promotion within small and medium-sized enterprises
Ann Moore, Kader Parahoo and Paul Fleming

Highly commended

Volume 110 number 2
Development of health promoting leadership – experiences of a training programme
Andrea Eriksson, Runo Axelsson and Susanna Bihari Axelsson

Volume 110 number 1
Coaching to enhance quality of implementation in prevention
Linda Dusenbury, William B. Hansen, Julia Jackson-Newsom, Donna S. Pittman, Cicely V. Wilson, Kathleen Nelson-Simley, Chris Ringwalt, Melinda Pankratz

Volume 110 number 3
Family structure, mother-child communication, father-child communication, and adolescent life satisfaction: A cross-sectional multilevel analysis
Kate A. Levin and Candace Currie

Outstanding reviewers

Mrs Venka Simovska
Professor Jim McKenna