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Awards for Excellence - 2011

Outstanding Papers

Award journal index

Engineering Computations


Volume 27 number 7
Stochastic sensitivity analysis using preconditioning approach
R. Chowdhury and S. Adhikari

Highly commended

Volume 27 number 4
Analytical trial function method for development of new 8-node plane element based on the variational principle containing Airy stress function
Xiang-Rong Fu, Song Cen, C.F. Li and Xiao-Ming Chen

Volume 27 number 5
Virtual testing for the prediction of damping in joints
A. Caignot, P. Ladevèze, D. Nèron and J.-F. Durand

Volume 27 number 7
Neurocomputing strategies for solving reliability-robust design optimization problems
Nikos D. Lagaros, Vagelis Plevris and Manolis Papadrakakis